Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission:

  1. To promote programs on rural development with special reference to agriculture, livestock and allied rural development activities.
  2. To focus women as central to the stage of economic development and social progression with all their divinity, dignity, and equality and to provide the social security umbrella for all women against social exploitation and insecurity.
  3. To provide the facilities of crèche, balanced food, immunization and nursing to the children of poor and needy.
  4. To support health activities through improved sanitation, protected water supply, and to develop health awareness among the people in preventive and community health, AIDS control, family welfare (family planning) and health camps.
  5. To establish, support and maintain Old Age Homes.
  6. To establish, support and maintain institutions and need-oriented hostels, to support education including adult education and learning in all fields for total literacy.
  7. To promote dissemination of information technology through Computer training to gross roots level in rural areas, unemployed youth, SC, ST and other economically backward classes.
  8. To undertake activities aimed at the fullest development of SC, ST, Backward Classes and disabled persons to promote social, economic, educational, health and leadership.
  9. To encourage rural sports meets, providing and distributing sports kits, instruments, and uniforms and building physical infrastructure.
  10. To promote afforestation programs, eco-development, wastelands development, watersheds and urban environmental planning.
  11. To support programming involving active implementation of national policies on rural development, women’s welfare, education, health, welfare and environment & ecology
  12. To propagate these objectives through publication of poster, pamphlets, brochures, books, development of video films as media communication.

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