Our History

Being a Veterinary Surgeon, Dr. P.V. Lakshmaiah, has a great passion to work and help the rural folks in not just animal husbandry issues but also in other public utility aspects. It is from water line connections, to road constructions, to power line issues in the remotest places like Zaddivaripalem, Vinukonda (M), Guntur (Dist).

Dr. P.V.Lakshmaiah, Honorary Chairman, does firmly believein civil societies like in India, where in different demographic setup does exist across the country. In order to serve basic needs of the people in different livelihood, under various sections like education, relief to the poor, medical relief, and public utility, NGOs can play a complementary role and accelerate the pace of Socio-Economic progress of rural India. In this regard, he wants to set up various projects, undertake the mission of nurturing individual socio-economic projects that can bring about a social change in the rural India. In a way he intends to create a new generation of citizens who are responsible in the construction of modern India in a highly assertive manner. In this effort, PARA ASSOCIATION FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT (PARD)” has been established keeping in view the basic holistic principles that are described in the aims and objects of the society.

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