Yes, it has been registered on 09, June 2004 at registrar of societies, Hyderabad. We do run the organization based on the aims and objects that are predefined and placed in the registered amendment list at the Registrar of Societies.

How does PARD raise resources?

Our board members do hold good credential in the society and like-minded people do contribute donations from time to time. You too can make donations in order to lift the poor and poorer of the poorest.

How are your resources utilized?

We do invest time, energy and do the best services under different objects such as relief to the poor, public utilities, hostel relief, medical relief, etc.

Does PARD receive government funding?

No, we do not receive any kind of funding from the government. But, in case we get approval for Section 12A, and Section 80G you can gainfully donate us and seek tax exemption easily.

How does PARD finance its NGO activities?

  1. PARD is purely dependent on the individuals, organizations for donations and the NGO activities are conducted in a cost effective basis that cater to the need of different sections of the society.
  2. Supporting organization by providing value inputs at various fronts such as monitoring rural projects, evaluating the projects and helping rural youth in capacity building.
  3. We do have office setup, information technology support and advertising under concessional price.

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